“Post Show” cupcakes 4 pk
“Post Show” cupcakes 4 pk
“Post Show” cupcakes 4 pk

“Post Show” cupcakes 4 pk

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Every one of our products has a story as to why they were created.

These handcrafted cupcakes were designed to satisfy any and all cravings a competitor may have craved while prepping for their competition. This is purely a sweet treat ( not of the low sugar low carb kind)

After months of dieting, and reaching your goals, Celebrate with a decadent delicious cupcake. 

The base is made of a dense chocolate fudge brownie with a classic Oreo cookie placed inside, 
next layered with our smooth peanut butter cheesecake within that a peanut butter chocolate cup, topped with caramel, chocolate and salted pretzel. 

This treat is simply indescribable and something you have to try for yourself